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Stay on top of your competitors by using the top of the line products and reporting tools with complete automation. We customize and automate business processes and have an extensive experience and team of certified developers and we can help you automate your day to day tasks by customizing WHMCS.

With years of experience, and being one of the industry’s leading IT solution provider, having delivered thousands of projects, THOBSON is the one stop shop for all your WHMCS related customization and automation.

Please feel free to contact our Solutions Expert and we will be more than happy to discuss, analyze and present you with a no-obligation quote.

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Thosbon is your one stop provider for cutting-edge software development and modules for various platforms, web applications and absolutely any customization or API integrations.

MDaemon Pricing API
MDaemon Pricing API

MDaemon Pricing API for WHMCS

Chosen by 398 customers

MDaemon Partners API enables partners to integrated MDaemon Order and Pricing API with WHMCS and allows you to seamlessly integrate order processing and manage discounts and pricing structure for absolutely any product.

Staff IP Restriction
Staff IP Restriction

Staff Login Restriction by IP

Chosen by 1356 customers

This enhanced layer of security on top of WHMCS Passwords, checks if the admin are login from the designated network / IP. Use this module to restrict admins to access WHMCS from a particular IP. This would provide protection against any unauthorized logins or intruders trying to access and guess admin.

Reporting Module
Reporting Module

Reporting Module for WHMCS

Chosen by 1895 customers

An extensive set of reports to give you an overview and insight into many aspects of WHMCS. The biggest advantage is that you get all reports in once place and also if there are any new reports, we will keep on adding to the same module, so the future upgrades are FREE. Custom reports can also be requested, contact sales for more details.

Invoice Transfer
Invoice Transfer

Invoice Transfer for WHMCS

Chosen by 982 customers

In WHMCS an invoice is attached to a single customer, but there are cases where if customers want to have two different profiles and would like to see their PREVIOUS or PAST INVOICE in their respective profile. This was not possible before but using this module you can move or push any invoice to any customer, without the need to re-create them again.

Product Grouping
Product Grouping

Product Grouping for WHMCS

Chosen by 324 customers

The Grouping Module allows you to group several products and services to combine and include them in one single invoice or vice versa. Some customers have several products and services and they sometimes want to have separate invoice for each product or one single invoice. You can merge or split invoices using this module.

Free Consultation

In the event if you are planning to add redundancy or even if you are not sure, please feel free to setup a no-obligation free consultation with one of our experts and we will help you plan your mail server.


Create Business Opportunities Using Cutting-Edge Technology. Shift to Thobson, which provides updated and trending modules and addon services that are in step with all of the most recent templates designed to arm the online store's operational systems.

Easy Installations

We will Install Latest Updates of WHMCS on your Domain and will handle other critical tasks like Email Piping, Causing NO Hindrance to your Business Growth.

Useful Integration

Integration of Desired Applications and 3rd Party Software with WHMCS is carried out by our THOBSON experts to enhance your Business.

Tailor-Made Design

To match up your Website Design Standard to your Clients Expectations, we offer WHMCS Theme Design Customization.

Higher Security

THOBSON offers valid Security measures to Shield your WHMCS based websites. You can select the most suitable WHMCS Security service for your website.

Module Development

THOBSON will assist you in getting started various WHMCS Modules and Addons like Payment Modules and etc to Boost Website Capabilities.

Optimization For Growth

We perform WHMCS Optimization to run WHMCS Efficiently with Upgraded Software to Zest Up Performance of your Business.

WHMCS Development Services
With a pocket-friendly Budget WHMCS customise WHMCS themes as well as modules for all kinds of businesses.

WHMCS Development Installation
WHMCS Installation

WHMCS is a self-hosted platform which means it can be hosted on your own servers with full access and complete control over your customer data and the installation files. Thobson can help you install WHMCS and configure it to your environment if required and you can take the advantage of our experience and best practices for securing and configuring WHMC in a better manner.

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WHMCS Theme Design

WHMCS comes with pre-defined themes but the challenge is those theme does not match with your website layout and colors. Thobson can help you customize the entire theme to match your website and taste of yours and your clients. Get a free no-obligation quote form our team who can help you design the theme.

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WHMCS Theme Design
WHMCS Integration Service
WHMCS Integrations

WHMCS has growing community of developers who constantly built apps and WHMcs itself has also provided integration with a growing list of apps and third-party services. Thobson can help you integrate those or we can even write a customized code to help you achieve the desired goal and achieve a full automated environment for admis and clients.

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WHMCS Module Development

The module are collection of functions, certain task can be achieve by writing a small hook and or addon and at Thobson, we have extensive experience of developing customized modules, hooks, addons and we can integrate any API or 3rd party provisioning. Please have a look at a complete list of modules that we have created and feel free to ask for a trial for any module or you may also ask us to create one customized one for your business need.

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WHMCS Module Development
WHMCS Consulting
WHMCS Consulting

Our Consulting Service will provide consultancy for all your WHMCS customization and deployments. We provide a 24/7 support center with access to developers via ticket system.

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WHMCS Version Upgrades

Thobson can help you upgrade WHMCS with the latest version to be able to take advantage of the enhanced features without any interruptions or disruptions in your business or without loosing any data. We can provide a seamless migration and upgradation and in some cases we allow customers to monitor and view the activity live while we perform it.

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WHMCS Latest Version

Enhance your WHMCS with our Modules

We provide innovative and quality product development in a very cost efficient and time effective manner. WHMCS Module/Addons development and customization service is meant for quality conscious customers who wants the value for their money and time investments.

Contact our Solutions Expert for the initial meeting and we will take on board the relevant developer to help you provide the estimates on time and best pricing both.

Want to develop your own integration?

Capsule's RESTful API can be used by developers to create clever add-ons or to integrate Capsule with other applications.