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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, discounts are available for Office 365 enterprise agreement customers (typically 250+ licenses) who want to purchase through volume licensing. A Microsoft expert can help you explore the purchasing options for large enterprises and help you determine which is best for you. Learn more about volume licensing. Find a Microsoft expert.

ENVIRONMENT Outlook 2013 Office 365 RESOLUTION Before a user can access a shared folder, the sharer needs to set the “Folder visible” permissions on the parent folders of the shared folder. Example You have the following (simplified) mailbox structure; Mailbox -Inbox –Sub folder In order to access the folder “Sub folder”, you must grant “Folder visible” permissions on the Inbox folder and the Mailbox itself. This allows the other user to traverse to that folder from the root of your Mailbox. Note: Granting “Folder visible” access will not allow the other user to see any of the parent folder content. To set “Folder visible” permissions on a folder; Right click on a parent folder of the shared folder and choose Properties. Select the Permissions tab. Add the person who needs to be able to access a sub folder. Verify that this person is selected after adding it. Set the permission level to None. Select the “Folder visible” permission. Grant “Folder visible” permissions for a Delegate on all parent folders so he/she will be able to access the shared sub folders. How to Open an Outlook Sub-Folder You cannot access non-default folders by the typical File-> Open-> Other User's folders To access these folders, you must add the mailbox as a secondary mailbox to your existing Exchange account. The mailbox owner might need to grant you additional “Folder visible” permissions on the folders above this folder for you to actually be able to access the folder. Adding a mailbox as a secondary mailbox To add a mailbox as a secondary mailbox to your existing Exchange account choose; File-> Account Settings> Account Settings> double click on your Exchange Account>button More Setting >Advanced-> button Add…Find the user and choose Apply and OK.

To help you easily connect your desktop version of the latest version of Office, Office 2013, Office 2010, or Office 2007 to Office 365, Microsoft provides Office 365 customers an installable piece of software—called “Office Desktop Setup”—at no charge.Office Desktop Setup provides many benefits, including:Automatically detecting necessary updates.Installing updates and components upon approval or silently from a command line.Automatically configuring Outlook and Microsoft Skype for Business for use with Microsoft Office 365.Uninstalling itself from the client computer after running.You can find and install Office Desktop Setup in your Office 365 administration center.If your plan includes a subscription to Office, you will also be able to install that directly from the Office 365 administration center.

It's important that you have or create only one TXT record for SPF. If you already have an SPF record, you should append the new Office 365 values to it, rather than create a new one. After you've added or updated your SPF record for Office 365 email, you should check to make sure that the syntax is correct with one of these tools:SPF Record Testing Tools SPF Surveyor Dig web interface 

ENVIRONMENT Windows 7 Lync 2013 RESOLUTION Sign out of and exit the Lync client.On the local machine, browse to the following location: C:\Users\%username%\appdata\local\microsoft\office\15.0\Lync\Delete the folder named: sip_yourusername@cscc.eduSign in to the Lync client. Please Note -- the initial download of the contacts cache can take up to 30 minutes!