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The Barracuda Spam Firewall is compatible with all email servers and can fit into nearly any corporate or small business environment. It is used by small organizations with as few as 10 employees and large organizations with as many as 200,000 employees. A single Barracuda Spam Firewall handles up to 100,000 active email users. Multiple units can be clustered together for even greater capacity and high availability.

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Barracuda Cloud

Advanced Threat Protection

Barracuda's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) combines behavioral, heuristic, and sandboxing technologies to protect against zero hour and targe ted attacks. ATP automatically scans email attachments in real-time; suspicious attachments are detonated in a sandbox environment to observe behavior.

Spam Protection

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway leverages Barracuda Central to identify email from known spammers and determine whether domains embedded in email lead to known spam or malware domains. Its industry-leading techniques protect against attempts to embed text inside images with the intent of hiding content from traditional spam filters.

Virus Protection

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway scans email and incoming files by using three powerful layers of virus scanning technology. It also decompresses archives for complete protection. Powerful virus definitions are automatically updated via Energize Updates to maintain the latest protection against email-borne viruses.

Barracuda Central

Barracuda Central responds to outbreaks as they emerge and delivers the latest definitions via Barracuda Energize Updates. These updates require zero administration and ensure that the Barracuda Email Security Gateway provides comprehensive and accurate protection against the latest Internet threats.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Protection

Not every attack is focused on viruses, getting users to clicking on a malicious link. Often, the objective of the attack is focused on compromising or completely disabling a network. As a device that sits in front of an email server, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is positioned to stop spammers before they overload an email server.

Email Spooling

The Barracuda ensures that email can still be delivered even during email server failures or loss of connectivity. In the event of on-premises disruptions, email can be spooled in the Cloud Protection Layer (CPL) for up to 96 hours. An alternate destination can also be specified if delivery to the primary destination fails.

Simple Pricing

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is delivered with all features and capabilities fully enabled. Inbound and outbound email filtering, encryption, and email continuity are all offered as a simple, all-inclusive subscription without any per-user fees. The Barracuda Cloud Control management portal is included free of charge.


The Barracuda Email Security Gateway offers a number of encryption features. It is fully integrated with a cloud-based email encryption service for outbound email. Email that matches policy or is marked for encryption via the Barracuda Outlook Add-in is sent securely via TLS to the Barracuda Message Center.

Cloud-Based Central Managemen

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is integrated with the Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC) web-based management portal. Leveraging Barracuda’s global cloud infrastructure, organizations can centrally manage all their devices through a “single pane of glass” interface. Administrators have a global view of all their devices or services and can centrally manage policies and configuration.

No Equipment to Maintain

Just change your MX to point to our Barracuda Clusters and there is no hardware to purchase, and no equipment that you have to invest, its just as easy as 123. Pay as you go and on a per user basis. All hardware and network infrastructure is maintained by our Certified Support team.

AI for Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense

As a complement to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, Barracuda Sentinel is the leading comprehensive AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense.

No Contracts and No Capital Expenditure

No contracts or commitment required, you can cancel anytime and the best part is our 60-Days No-Obligation FREE Trial. No credit card required.

Barracuda Spam Firewall 12 Defense Layers

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