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DNS Failover, Monitoring and Auto Restore

Our DNS Failover & Systems Monitoring ensures that the moment we detect that your site is unavailable, your traffic will be re-routed to a backup server or page. We can also automatically re-route traffic back to the failed services once they are operational again.

How to Setup DNS Failover?

DNS Failover and Systems Monitoring can be set up on any host (A Records) within your domain's DNS. Within the DNS Failover & Systems Monitoring Control Panel we would define the back up IP address, protocol and port to monitor as well as a notify contact list for system monitoring if you wish. Our Data Center staff get regular updates & notification for further actions.

Auto Failover DNS

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  • Monitored from multiple geographic locations
  • Option to failover to next available IP address
  • Option to auto restore to its original IP
  • Option to customize the email message

How DNS Failover Works?

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