Acronis Endpoint Protection (Advanced Security)

The Advanced Security add-on extends the endpoint protection capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, enabling you to lower the risks for your clients with full-stack anti-malware protection and remediation services.

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Thobson Technologies is a leading provider of Acronis solutions in Pakistan. As an authorized gold service partner, we have a team of experts who are certified by Acronis to deliver the best data protection and cybersecurity services to our clients.

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Stop more cyberthreats for clients with fewer resources. The Advanced Cyber Security add-on extends the endpoint protection capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, enabling you to lower the risks to your clients with enhanced anti-malware protection and remediation services. Simplify deployment, configuration, and management tasks with advanced integration and automation.

Active Protection Technology

Acronis Active Protection technology, enhanced with exploit prevention, URL filtering, anti-ransomware & anti-malware detection for backed-up data, catch more threats, faster.

Cyber Security Automation

Smart, easy protection policy management, auto-allowlist custom apps, automatic malware scans and AV definitions updates as part of recovery process to deliver services more effortlessly.

Efficient Forensics

Collect digital evidence and save it in a secure central repository to enable thorough post-incident investigations and proper remediation, while keeping costs down.

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Standard Security
   Standard Management

Deliver comprehensive cyber protection with the unique integration of data protection

Advanced Security
   Standard Management

Vulnerability assessment and patch management to avoid downtime and maintenance


Advanced Security
   Advanced Management

Vulnerability assessments, patch management, self-protection, backup before update


#CyberFit Score

Vulnerability Assessment

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Antivirus and Anti-Malware Protection without Local Signature-Based Detection

Device Control

Group Management of Workloads

Centralized Plans Management

Remote Desktop

Remote Assistance

Hardware Inventory

Antivirus & Anti-Malware Protection with Local Signature-Based Detection

URL Filtering

Forensic Backup, Scan Backups for Malware, Safe Recovery, Corporate Allowlist

Smart Protection Plans

Exploit Prevention

Patch Management

HDD Health

Software Inventory

Fail Safe Patching

Cyber Scripting

Toolbox for MSP

Machine Intelligence Based Monitoring

Software Deployment

Advanced Security Includes Full-stack anti-malware to replace ineffective, legacy antivirus with an integrated cyber protection.
Expand protection to cover web attacks and exploits, improve detection rates and reactiveness to
emerging threats, reduce false positives, and ensure no threat recurrence.

Full-stack Anti-Malware Protection Full-stack Anti-Malware Protection

Real-time protection covering all attack vectors with multiple defense layers

URL Filtering URL Filtering

Block malicious URLs, web-based attacks, and COVID-19 scams

Automatic Allowlisting Automatic Allowlisting

Reduce false positives and enable more aggressive scanning

Anti-malware scans of data in the Acronis Cloud Anti-malware scans of data in the Acronis Cloud

Offload client endpoints to enable more aggressive scans and ensure malware-free backups

Forensics Data in Backups Forensics Data in Backups

Collect digital evidence to enable faster investigations and reduce the cost of remediation

Malware Reinfection Prevention Malware Reinfection Prevention

Scan for malware and update AV definitions during recovery to prevent a threat from reoccurring

CPOC Threat Feed CPOC Threat Feed

Increase reactiveness to emerging threats and get remediation suggestions

Remote Device Wipe Remote Device Wipe

Prevent data leaks via lost devices

Exploit prevention Exploit Prevention

Behavior-based detection heuristics prevent the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities, including memory exploits and injections

Enhance your Cyber Security Services with
Advanced Endpoint Protection

Advanced Security enables you to offer more cybersecurity services with less management burden, replacing non-integrated antivirus tools with complete endpoint security that’s integrated with data protection.

Expand your services with advanced malware protection

Increase proficiency and minimize client risk with a full-stack anti-malware solution that covers more attack vectors, including the web and vulnerability exploits, with superior detection rates and prevention of threat recurrence that’s unique in the industry.

Improve your efficiency to save time and resources

Modernize your endpoint protection by replacing non-integrated antivirus with a single, integrated solution for thorough cyber protection. Cut costs through solution consolidation. Enable faster reaction time with security automation. Accelerate your detection speed, eliminate false positives, and reduce the load on client endpoints by scanning workloads for malware in the Acronis Cloud.

Enable complete, fast, and cost-effective remediation

Protect the recovery process to prevent threat recurrence. Ensure breaches are fully remediated with forensic insights. Ease the process and reduce the cost of security investigations by collecting digital evidence and forensic data in backups, where it’s protected against threats.

Powered by industry-recognized, award-winning endpoint protection

CRN Security 100 List
Gold medal for Endpoint protection
Editors' choice
VB100 certified
AV-TEST participant and test winner
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified
AV-Comparatives participant and test winner
Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization member
VirusTotal member
Cloud Security Alliance member

Full-stack, advanced malware protection

Replace non-integrated antivirus tools and protect clients with a single, integrated cyber protection solution that stops today’s sophisticated cyberthreats and ensures seamless remediation while eliminating the need to juggle multiple solutions.

Anti-Malware Technology

Leverage power AI-, signature-, and behavior-based detection and URL filtering to stop malware in real time.

Exploit Prevention

Prevent zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, including memory exploits.

Protection of Data in Backups

Leverage more aggressive scans of backed up data in Acronis Cloud, reducing load on clients’ endpoints and ensuring recovery of clean data.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can pay on Monthly Terms and you will be billed every month, if you have a higher volume of workload / users. Please click here to contact sales.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integrates cybersecurity, data protection, and security management in a single solution. It protects client data and endpoints with the award-winning Acronis Active Protection technology, which has been enhanced with AI- and behavior-based anti-malware detection. It also prevents data leakage through essential data loss prevention (DLP) via device control.

The solution also provides thorough visibility into endpoint protection through vulnerability and security gaps assessments.

Advanced Security expands the capabilities of the cybersecurity solution with URL filtering and exploit prevention to counter more threats such web-based attacks and exploitation attempts. It also increases the speed and accuracy of the detection rate for known malware with an enhanced virus signature database. The add-on package allows for more aggressive malware scans of backed up data in the Acronis Cloud, preventing threat recurrence.

With Advanced Security, service providers can also react to threats more effectively. Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOC) monitor the threat landscape and release alerts regarding emerging threats. The protection plans can automatically adjust to the emerging threat alerts, resulting in things like more frequent backups or more aggressive scans.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Security includes the award-winning anti-ransomware protection technology of the baseline product. It enables service providers to deliver unmatched, real-time protection against ransomware and cryptomining processeses, targeting client data across endpoints, servers, network shares, and backups. Acronis’ ransomware protection technology also includes entropy analysis to effectively cover advanced ransomware threats.

What makes our anti-ransomware technology truly unique is that it ensures no client data is lost since it automatically recovers any affected, encrypted data within seconds.

Advanced Security improves the AI- and behavior-based anti-malware detection of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with enhanced virus signatures database that improve the speed and accuracy of detection even further.

The advanced endpoint protection capabilities also cover a wider scope of threats, including web-based attacks and software exploitation attempts, ensuring comprehensive active protection.

With the Advanced Security add-on, service providers can also offload clients’ endpoints and provide more aggressive scans in the Acronis Cloud, ensuring backed up data is malware-free. The recovery process is similarly protected with built-in anti-malware scans and antivirus definitions updates.

Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOCs) monitor the threat landscape and release alerts about emerging threats such as malware, vulnerabilities, or natural disasters. Smart Protection Plans can be automatically adjusted to proactively cover those threats, greatly improving reaction times.

Part of Acronis Cyber Cloud

Advanced Security is an add-on package that adds full-stack anti-malware and protection management capabilities to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – the industry-first integration that allows service providers to deliver cybersecurity, data protection, file sync and share, and security management services through one integrated solution.