Acronis Cyber Files Cloud

A File Access, Sync, and Share Solution for Service Providers

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Acronis Service Provider in Pakistan

Thobson Technologies is a leading provider of Acronis solutions in Pakistan. As an authorized gold service partner, we have a team of experts who are certified by Acronis to deliver the best data protection and cybersecurity services to our clients.

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A secure file sync and share solution designed for service providers

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud provides remote users with convenient file sync and share capabilities via an intuitive and securely hosted cloud solution. By being fully integrated into Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can easily combine it with data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management, leveraging a single management console and agent. Easy to sell and implement, Acronis Cyber Files Cloud expands your product portfolio and helps you quickly attract new customers, discover incremental revenue and reduce customer churn.

Easy to sell, upsell or bundle

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud enables you to expand your product portfolio and generate new revenue streams by attaching afile sharing solution to your managed data protection services.

Total Privacy and Control

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud provides comprehensive security and privacy with data encryption at rest and in transit, policy controls for users, applications and data, as well as auditable tracking and a wide range of supported data centers.

Business Continuity

Enable users to instantly access files on any device, regardless of their location. The reliable cloud file sync and share eliminates any risk to business continuity and ensures secure collaboration from anywhere.

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Acronis Cyber Files Cloud Storage
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Advanced Files Sync & Share
  • Notarization and eSignature
  • Document Templates
  • On-Premises Content Repositories (NAS, SharePoint)
  • Backup of Sync and Share Files
  • # of Advanced
    FSS eSignatures (Per File)
  • # of Advanced
    FSS Notarizations (Per File)
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Key features

Antimalware and antivirus Secure access from any device

Empower users to securely create, edit, and share content using their own smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, or web-enabled device.

Fail-safe patching Rich mobile experience

Ensure the productivity of mobile users with complete support of Microsoft Office mobile apps, as well as convenient PDF editing and annotation.

Safe Recovery Comprehensive privacy and control

Supports complete end-to-end encryption, enterprise-class audit trails, and sophisticated policy controls for content, users and devices.

Continuous data protection Easy and secure collaboration

Deliver easy, remote collaboration for internal and external stakeholders, a simple user experience, and comprehensive security and compliance.

Global threat monitoring and smart alerts Custom white-labeling

Acronis Cyber Cyber Files Cloud provides an ability to white-label the interface. Customize the name of the service, it’s logo, URLs, color scheme, email design and more.

Data compliance reporting and data protection map Smooth integration via API

Acronis Cyber Cyber Files Cloud’s API enables tight integration with any application, with the ability to tie the service’s backend into a user interface.

Forensic backup HIPPA compliance

Acronis Cyber Cyber Files Cloud upholds the strictest security and privacy standards; it provides an enterprise-class audit trail and a full history of all transactions.

Secure file sync and share service with cyber protection in its DNA

Create and securely share content from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, a single solution that integrates best-of-breed backup and recovery, next-generation anti-malware, endpoint protection management, and simple file sharing. Add Advanced File Sync and Share pack to the essential pay-as-you-go file sync and share service to enable file notarization, verification, and easy eSigning.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
With Advanced File Sync and Share
Sync and share from any device: Support for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs, Macs, and all popular web browsers
Folder Sharing
PDF Editing and Annotation Tools
Unlimited File Versioning
Audit Trail Section: Shows the history of all activities
Encryption at Rest and in Transit
Two-factor Authentication
Control over files and folders, and policy controls for users, applications and data
Remote file notarization: Accelerate the pace of your clients' business by digitizing their notarial processes
Embedded eSigning
Notarization and signature certificates: Give an irrefutable proof that a file was notarized or signed at a specific time
Trusted, independent verification

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can pay on Monthly Terms and you will be billed every month, if you have a higher volume of workload / users. Please click here to contact sales.

There are a lot of file sync and share solutions on the market, so it is important to evaluate the solution that’s right for a business environment. Key criteria include:

Security – Does it provide the industry’s strongest security? Does it support multi-factor authentication (MFA)? Does it enable in-transit and on-device encryption, access control for files, or policy controls for users, apps and data?

Efficiency – Does it enable users to work on files using popular mobile devices, Macs, and PCs? Does it allow users to annotate and edit documents on-the-go?

Simplicity – Can you start using it quickly? Does it provide end-users with an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for training?

Organizations choose cloud file sync and share solutions to avoid costly investments in on-premises infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions store all data in a public or private cloud, while ensuring businesses still have full control of sensitive corporate information and preventing employees from using other, unsecure consumer file-sharing applications.

For businesses to avoid financial and reputation damage that could result from a data breach, it is critical to handle sensitive information carefully (e.g. customer or client data). Truly secure cloud EFSS services is possible thanks to advanced methods for sharing and storing files, flexible policy controls and highly secure data centers. These methods ensure you have 100% control over the data’s location, management and privacy.

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