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Acronis Service Provider in Pakistan

Thobson Technologies is a leading provider of Acronis solutions in Pakistan. As an authorized gold service partner, we have a team of experts who are certified by Acronis to deliver the best data protection and cybersecurity services to our clients.

Protect your business with Acronis today!

Complete, Efficient, Secure Data Protection for any Environment

Acronis Cyber Protection integrates newly created AI-powered backup, anti-malware, anti-virus, and endpoint protection management in a single solution

With one solution, you and your customers gain access to backup, disaster recovery, AI-based malware and ransomware protection, security and management tools, file sync and share, and blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services, all managed from a single console.

Enhanced with essential cyber protection at no cost

Аdvanced AI-based behavioral detection engine stops malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks on client workloads.

Easier management and scalability

Off-loading to an experienced MSP is a winning way to free up resources so you can focus on core business needs. You don't have to maintain & manage the backup system & off-site storage.

The world’s best backup and recovery

Full-image and file-level backup and recovery to safeguard workloads on more than 20 platforms – with near-zero RPOs and RTOs.

Flexible Licensing Models

Per-GB model

The per-GB model is simple – you only pay for the storage used, including native cloud storage (Acronis Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure), service provider cloud storage, third-party cloud storage and local storage. There is no limit on the number of protected devices.

Per-workload model

The per-workload model requires you to pay for each protected device (there are different prices for different types of devices) as well as for native cloud storage (Acronis Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure). However, you won’t be charged additionally if using local storage or service provider cloud storage.

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What do you want to backup?
  • File Backup
  • Image Backup
  • Applications Backup
  • Network Share Backup
  • Backup to Cloud Storage
  • Backup to Local Storage
  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Machine
  • Workstations
  • NAS Storage
  • Hosting Servers
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365
  • G-Workspace
  • Mobile Devices
  • Websites
How much storage do you want?
  • Acronis Cloud Storage at
    Acronis Datacenter (GB)
  • Acronis Cloud Storage at
    Azure/Google Datacenters (GB)
Advanced Backup SQL/MYSQL/Oracle Database
  • Oracle DB
  • Data Protection Map
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • MySQL/MariaDB Backup
  • Off-Host Data Processing
  • Microsoft SQL Server & Microsoft Exchange Clusters
  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Machine
  • Workstations
  • Microsoft 365
  • G-Workspace
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#CyberFit Score

Increase your clients’ security posture by addressing the gaps in their IT environment. Acronis #CyberFit Score assesses and scores a set of security metrics to identify gaps and then provides recommendations for how you can improve their overall security.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify and close the security gaps in your clients systems. You can scan client machines for vulnerabilities to ensure that all applications and operating systems are up-to-date and can’t be exploited by cybercriminals.

Flexible Backup Storage Options

Comply with the requirements of different clients with flexible storage options. Back up to Acronis-hosted cloud storage, public clouds such as Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure, your own cloud storage, or local networked storage.

Device and Port Control

Strengthen data security and prevent leakage of sensitive information via local channels with granular, context-aware controls over user access to locally connected devices and ports, and data operations related to them – even for virtulized sessions.

Acronis Instant Restore

Cut RTOs to as little as 15 seconds with a built-in capability to restore a system by booting it as a virtual machine directly from the backup, without moving any data.

Google Workspace Data Protection

Safeguard client data stored in Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Contacts, and Calendar by backing it up to ensure fast, reliable recovery.

Acronis Universal Restore

Reduce time spent on recovery tasks. Acronis Universal Restore makes dissimilar hardware recovery dramatically faster by detecting the machine type and auto-installing appropriate drivers for the hardware.

Complete Microsoft 365 protection

Protect data in Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online with comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup and restore.

Report Scheduling

Increase visibility into information security and simplify IT security auditing with capabilities for sending scheduled reports to listed recipients in a desired format and language.

Advanced Backup

Support a wider scope of workloads with continuous protection of data, validation of backed-up data, and visibility into the protection status of assets across your clients’ IT infrastructure.

To protect clients' business-critical data, backup is not enough – clients need an integrated approach to cyber protection. Paired with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, the Advanced Cloud Backup Pack enables you to extend the cloud backup capabilities your clients need to proactively protect their data.

Increase automation and productivity

Deliver near-zero RPOs and downtime with cloud backup enhancements – like continuous data protection. Save time while preventing client data loss.

The most secure cloud backup available

Acronis delivers a unique approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features, such as anti-malware and antivirus – helping you keep clients’ data secure.

Protect more than 20 workload types

Protect more than 20 workload types from a single console, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters, and SAP HANA.

Control and customization With Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, you have control over all aspects of your data protection business that is not offered by other software providers.

Three deployment options

Control your deployment by choosing the model that’s right for you – from Acronis-hosted (turnkey SaaS solution), hybrid (cloud storage hosted by service provider), or service provider-hosted (private cloud).

Web console for easy, scalable management

Simplify orchestration using the web-based multi-tenant management console — a single spot for accounts provisioning, user and reseller management, reporting, monitoring, and other tasks.

Multi-tier and multi-tenant architecture

Count on optimal administrative efficiency: create client or partner accounts in seconds, customize unique offerings, and manage quotas, features and administrative privileges using vertical grouping.

Straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing

Meet the dynamic needs of your clients with a 100% pay-per-use licensing model. Per-GB and per-seat/per-device licensing types are available.

Integration with PSA and RMM systems

Deliver services instantly using native integrations with ConnectWise (Automate, Manage, Control), Atera, Autotask, Kaseya, cPanel, HostBill, CloudBlue, Plesk, and WHMCS.

Integration with custom systems

Assimilate systems by leveraging a powerful RESTful management API or enable integration via the Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud Application Packaging Standard (APS).

User interface in 25 languages

Serve more target markets. The web-based management console is available in 25 languages, with user-based language settings and the ability to switch easily between languages.

Comprehensive white-labeling

Differentiate your brand with advanced data protection services that maintain your brand’s unique look and feel. Multiple, customizable features make it easy to be you.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can pay on Monthly Terms and you will be billed every month, if you have a higher volume of workload / users. Please click here to contact sales.

You first need to create a customer and an account for them. Once that is done, you can either log in as that customer or, in the Account management console, select the customer to manage their backups. This will bring you to the Backup management console where you can download the backup agent.

1. Resource usage is relative to the system specifications and a number of other factors, such as disk speed, disk size, available bandwidth, etc. By default, the Acronis backup process runs on low priority, with the operating system dynamically throttling its resources.

2. On modern servers and workstations, the CPU usage is typically around 3-4% and RAM consumption will be up to 500 MB with CPU spikes during the snapshot phase.

Acronis provides a hardware-independent software solution that can work with almost any hardware on industry-standard protocols like SMB and NFS. Acronis can also support any block-based storage, as long as it's supported by the operating system.

This will depend on the size and performance of the hard disk, the amount of data changed, and the available bandwidth. Testing needs to be done, but the minimum threshold is 10 minutes.

Compression rates vary depending on the type of data but generally, you can expect around 30-40% compression unless the data is exclusively media files.