Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Endpoint detection & response that’s effective for businesses, efficient for MSPs

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Thobson Technologies is a leading provider of Acronis solutions in Pakistan. As an authorized gold service partner, we have a team of experts who are certified by Acronis to deliver the best data protection and cybersecurity services to our clients.

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Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

MSP-class EDR designed to DETECT and RESPOND to advanced cyber threats and attacks that sneak past other defenses with guided interpretations for streamlined analysis, and unique recovery capabilities for true business continuity.

Lightning-fast endpoint threat detection and incident analysis

Unlock minutes-not-hours analysis at a scale with automated correlation and MI-based guided attack interpretations

Increase visibility across MITRE ATT&CK®

Get better outcomes and fewer false positives with prioritization of potential security incidents

Focus on what matters like true indicators-of-compromise (IoCs) – not scanning logs

Unique recovery capabilities for true business continuity

Protect across the NIST framework with comprehensive threat response tools – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover

Count on pre-integrated backup and recovery capabilities for true resilience where point-security solutions fail

Streamline remediation with a single-click response

Rapid turn-on and scale with an MSP-class platform

Turn on services rapidly on an existing Acronis console and software agent

Scale services across multiple clients while preserving healthy margins – minimize OpEx by removing the need for a large security teams to operate

Work with a vendor ally focused on your success – not competing with you for your customer business

Rapid investigations and threat response

Detect advanced cyber threats and attacks that bypass preventive security layers.

Get a prioritized view to investigate suspicious activities – rather than flat list of all alerts.

Cut investigation and response times from months to hours* and remove the need for large security teams to operate.

Focus threat hunting using an emerging threat intelligence feed to search for IoCs.

Response that stops the breach and ensures business continuity

Unlike pure-play cybersecurity solutions, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud brings the full power of its platform with integrated
capabilities across the NIST framework for real business continuity.

Enhanced URL filtering Identify

You need to know what you have to fully protect it, and investigate into it. Our platform includes both inventory and data classification tools to better understand attack surfaces.

Global threat monitoring and smart alerts Protect

Close security vulnerabilities using our threat intelligence feed, forensic insights, and natively integrated tools across the broader Acronis platform like data protection maps, patch management, blocking analyzed attacks, and policy management.

Vulnerability assessment Detect

Continuous monitoring for security related events using automated behavioral- and signature-based engines, URL filtering, an emerging threat intelligence feed, event correlation and MITRE ATT&CK®.

Exploit prevention Respond

Investigate suspicious activities and conduct follow-up audits using a secure, remote connection into workloads or reviewing automatically saved forensic data in backups. Then, remediate via isolation, killing processes, quarantining, and attack-specific rollbacks.

Protection for Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams Recover

Ensure systems, endpoint data and the client business are up and running using our fully integrated, market-leading backup and disaster recovery products and solutions.

All the EDR capabilities you need under one roof

Consolidation and service management centralization with Acronis is easier and more approachable than ever. Expand your capabilities to offer holistic protection, defend organizations, and provide true business resilience for businesses and their data in the face of modern cyber threats with Acronis Advanced Security + EDR.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Advanced Security
Advanced Security + EDR
Behavior-based detection
Anti-ransomware protection with automatic rollback
Vulnerability assessments
Device control
File- and system-level backup
Inventory collection (with Advanced Management)
Patch management (with Advanced Management)
#CyberFit Score (security posture evaluation)
Remote connection (with Advanced Management)
Remediation including full reimaging
Business continuity (with Advanced Disaster Recovery)
URL filtering
Exploit prevention
Real-time threat intelligence feed
Automated, tunable allowlisting based on profiling
Forensic data collection
Event monitoring
Automated event correlation
Prioritization of suspicious activities
Automated MITRE ATT&CK® attack chain visualization and interpretation
Single-click response to incidents
Full threat containment including endpoint quarantine and isolation
Intelligent search for IoCs including emerging threats
Attack-specific rollback

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can pay on Monthly Terms and you will be billed every month, if you have a higher volume of workload / users. Please click here to contact sales.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is an active, endpoint security solution that does real-time continuous monitoring correlating different events that happen on an endpoint level to detect malicious activity, compromised processes and suspicious behavior on end-user devices. The purpose is to identify in-progress attacks, potential security incidents, compromises or breaches – and then acting as a response system, providing capabilities to remediate it.

The primary EDR capabilities as defined by Gartner are:

  • Detect security incidents
  • Contain the incident at the endpoint
  • Investigate security incidents
  • Provide remediation guidance

The endpoint protection strategy of any company that is a potential target of cyber threats and/or that stores valuable endpoint data should include advanced endpoint threat detection capabilities and response tools.

SMB and mid-market organizations are under increased risks of advanced cyber threats due to limited internal capabilities and budget constraints, affecting their access to advanced endpoint security solutions, historically targeted at emprises due to costs and complexity.

Moreover, for businesses of all sizes operating in industries with high regulatory requirements and increased cyber risks such as Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Online Retail, Public Sector, EDR is a must for the organization’s cybersecurity strategy to enable compliance and ensure sensitive endpoint data is out of reach of cyber threats.

With Advanced Security + EDR you can ensure that organizations of varying size and complexity are protected with high-value services, scalable across multiple clients.

Existing, best-of-breed EDR tools and solutions are oriented at enterprises due to costs and complexity and require large security teams to operate. Moreover, security analysts need to manually perform threat hunting activities by scanning hundreds of lines of logs with hours of investigating suspicious activities. But even then, a cross-NIST protection, ensuring business continuity, requires additional solutions and software agents to achieve, increasing the complexity and solution sprawl even further.

Advanced Security + EDR performs continuous data collection based on security related events, similar as other EDR tools, but then the solution streamlines your analysis capabilities by raising alerts on any potential incidents and aggregating data in guided attack interpretations mapped to MITRE ATT&CK®. This helps security analysts to rapidly investigate suspicious activities across multiple clients, cutting investigation times from hours to minutes to achieve better scalability.

Moreover, Advanced Security + EDR is an integrated endpoint security solution in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, unlocking unique benefits for administrators such as a single-click response across the NIST, including recovery. This removes solution sprawl and enables you to deliver comprehensive endpoint protection via a single Acronis agent and console.

Part of Acronis Cyber Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a part of the powerful Acronis Cyber Cloud platform, enabling service providers to use one solution for delivering backup, disaster recovery, secure cloud storage, file sync and share, notarization, and e-signature services to clients. In turn, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud provides MSPs like yours with smooth and quick deployment, and a service-rich solution portfolio that increases ARPUs.