How much does it cost to design a web site?
How much a site costs to design depends on a number of factors:
  • Number of pages on the site
  • Types and number of graphic images on the site
  • Programming
  • Web Copy writing
  • Online Marketing
A web page without any high-level programming or search engine optimization generally costs between $75 to $300 per page.

It is always a good idea to;

  • Look at the Web site Package and select the desired number of pages to see the cost.
  • Or if you have a custom project, you can also requested a quote by defining the Scope of the Work at our Online SOW Builder.
How much do you charge for web site design?
Thobson Technologies generally charges $55 per hour for HTML coding and web graphics design. Additional charges are made for use of stock photography, search engine optimization, and file compression.

Before we send you a design contract, we provide you with an estimate for the amount of time it usually takes to complete a design project. Please keep in mind that it is an estimate. We have completed multiple design projects that fell below the estimated time. Clients only pay for the time taken to complete a design project.

The other way to charge for the project is to go thru the Online SOW Builder which is core Scope Of the Work Builder where you can define the requirements and our expert Project Manager will evaluate the time frame, the man hours required and then proceed with sending you the exact quote on the same.
What types of web sites can you design?
We have designed all types of sites, ranging from simple brochure-type web sites to e-commerce sites.
How many changes can I make to the web site once I view the first design template?
You can make as many changes as you wish to the design template as you wish. We encourage clients to give plenty of feedback so that we can get the design template(s) established as soon as possible.

However, Thobson Technologies charges on an hourly basis. This means that all packages has a certain number of designer's time included to it. If you request too many changes to your site design, or if you change a design template after the entire site has been formatted with the template, you will incur more charges.
What other design services can you provide to supplement our web site design?
We offer a full range of graphic design services for both the print and the web including:
  • Photo retouching
  • Sstationery and package design
  • Logo design
  • Bbanner design
  • Coporate Calendars
  • Coporate Annual Reports
  • Copoate Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Ssearch engine marketing for web sites
  • Directory submission for web sites
Do you provide hosting services in addition to designing web sites?
YES, we do offer hosting services because we believe that every web site has different hosting needs and therefore we have the best compatible server side technologies deployed with proper redundancy and backup plans to make sure that your web sites and online business is online all the time.
Will you do domain name registration?
Yes, if you would like domain name registration as a part of your design contract, we will be happy to do that for you.
What is your payment plan for web site design?
For first-time clients and for jobs with a quote of under $500 or less, payment in full is required.

For projects with a quote between $500-$5,000, payment in half is required along with a signed contract for beginning work, with the remaining half due upon completion of the project.

For projects over $5,000, an initial payment representing one-third of the estimated total fee is required along with a signed contract. The second one-third is billable upon the halfway point or second phase of the project, with the final third due upon completion of the project. Regular clients are sent monthly invoices notifying payment within 30 days.
How long does it take to have a web site designed and development of Web Site?
The time line for designing and delivering Standard web site will be around 15 to 30 business days depending on the package details selected.
What are the information/details do you need complete the Web Site Design?
You need to provide the basic information to begin building the site such as:

a) Background of Your company details
b) Type & purpose of the Web Design
c) Site Map
d) Images
e) Logo details
f) Color palette- If you want any specific color selection for your web site
g) Copy / Content
h) Web site Animation if any required
i) Web Design Style
j) Development of site in CFM, HTML, .ASP, .PHP .
k) Any additional notes that you would like us to take care during the development phase.
l) Reference of other sites which you like.

However we will also ask you a list of questions which is part of our BRAD Process. BRAD is our Business Requirement Analysis Document.
What is the process you follow in building the Web Site?
We follow below 3 steps:
  1. Design Phase - Includes the concept(s) and iteration stage till finalization of the design.
  2. Development Phase - Includes the splicing of the web site template and building of each web page in the required language.
  3. Test Phase - A Quality Assurance round would be conducted to ensure that all the pages developed will be browser compatible and web friendly.

iew the whole process as to HOW-IT-WORKS.
What are the packages do you offer? What's the difference between them?
We offer 4 basic packages. The only differences between these packages are the number of design concepts, level of artwork and details and number web pages.
How do I get my web site listed on Search Engines, especially Goggle?
The search engines like to find your site naturally, through links to your site from other sites. Goggle, Yahoo and Live relies on your incoming links to determine your popularity and relevance. You can also submit your site directly to Goggle using Goggle's add URL page.
Do you design and build Flash web site?
Yes, we design and build custom Flash web sites.
What is Browser Compatibility?
Browser compatibility in short is the ability of the Web browser to properly interpret the HTML that renders the Web pages. HTML is a coding language that is "understood" a little differently by each Web browser. Most sites are designed to look correct in Microsoft's Internet Explorer; because it is believed to be the most ubiquitous browser with Mazola Fire fox is slowly catching up.
What is the difference between a "Static" and a "Dynamic" site?
Static defines that the information or 'code' that makes up the web site does not change. It has been developed to work like a printed document and to be referred to on the web as a medium to display.

Dynamic is the data or content that can change 'dynamically', this content is usually added from a database or Content Management System (CMS) so when the data is updated, the text and images on the web site are also updated.
How do I pay you?

Payments can be accepts all forms;

CASH : Can be paid at any of our Customer Service Center.
CHEQUES : Cheques can dropped or couriered at our address or be deposited online at our bank.
ONLINE DEPOSITS : You can also deposit at our Online Account using any bank across the country.
CREDIT CARDS : We accept major credit cards.
WIRE TRANSFER : International clients can deposit funds directly into our banks using the Wire Transfer Information.
NOTE: Bank Details, or Wire Transfer Information is available with our Finance & Billing Section, please ask them at the time of invoicing so that they may provide you full details.
If I need to update my website frequently? Do you provide website maintenance service?
Yes, we provide a website retainer, please contact our online representative or you may also choose any of the Website Maintenance Plan. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WEBSITE MAINTENANCE PLANS.
If I already have a site can you help me to improve it?
Yes, this is dependent on what your requirements are, from re-branding to an effective web presence. Feel free to contact our sales representative
Why do my colors of the web site look so different on my friend's machine?
Colors on a Web page are determined by mixing proportions of red, green and blue light inside the monitor. Unlike the standard ink colors, there are no standard red, green and blue light sources. The red, green and blue on one monitor is unlikely to be exactly the same as on another one, even if it's the same model - and the colors change over time. Therefore your friend's machine will display your web site colors differently.
What is the size limit for a Web page?
The size (byte count) of a Web page, which includes images and code, determines how long it takes to download. The question really is, how long will you wait for the page to download and render the Web page? This would depend on the speed of their internet connection. A computer on a 500k broadband line is going to download about ten times faster than one on a 56k dial-up.
What is the screen size should I design for?
The most common screen size is 1024 x 768 which has overtaken a decade old screen of 800x600
Do I need a database on my website?
If your web site contains any member registration form, Shopping cart or other functions, then you will then require a database built on the back-end. Our Sales Engineers will guide you better whether you need a website or not.
How many iteration you provide for selected design?
We provide 3 revisions and after that any additional changes will be charged for $50 per iteration on the design. However if there are any minor edits, we normally try to accommodate the customers.
If I have a pre-design template, can I opt to choose build the website without your customized web design options.
Yes, we can build a web site. The process will be similar to our normal process and will certainly cost less than the standard package costs.
What if I need to add a shopping cart to the website? Or some additional features like online forms or email signups?
Yes, our development team will cater to these additional features. Here additional costs would be applicable based on the development effort.