Terms Of Use

ThobsonTM enforces its usage policies and terms of service to maintain the quality of its services and to assure mutual respect between clients.

Terms of Services

All services offered by ThobsonTM are subject to the Terms of Services by signing up, the client accepts the terms of service
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Acceptable Use Policy

  • No form of SPAM whatsoever will be tolerated, even if the emails are said to be opt-in
  • You may not host an IRC server connected to an IRC network
  • It is prohibited to distribute or publish data protected by copyrights
  • It is prohibited to contravene to the USA, Canadian & Pakistan Software Export Laws
  • It is prohibited to make false or fraudulent representations
  • It is prohibited to interfere with a third party's use of ThobsonTM's services
  • It is prohibited to threaten the physical integrity of individuals or goods
  • It is prohibited to use ThobsonTM's services in such a way that compromises security
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