Spam Protection

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Tired of cleaning your inbox manually? You are receiving ten times more spam then legitimate emails? Let Thobson's Spam Shield immunize your inbox and say goodbye to viruses and spam.

Let us change your domain's MX records

We will slightly change your Mail Server's MX Records to point to our Spam Firewalls and clean emails will be delivered to your Mailbox.

Spam is gone !

Thobson's mail filters block millions of spam mails daily taking special care not to block legitimate emails. In average, more than 95% of all mail sent to our customers is spam.

Recent studies state that 95 percent of today's email is spam. If you are still not protected, you are probably losing a tremendous amount of your precious time cleaning your inbox. Let us clean your mail.


Email Hosted at Thobson
Forwarding to any mail server
Spam Blocked 80-85%
Number of Accounts 500
Free With Hosting


Email Hosted at Thobson
Forwarding to any mail server
Spam Blocked 96-98%
Number of Mailboxes
As Low As $

Specifications Basic Complete
Email hosted at Thobson required Optional
Forwarding to any email server after filtering Optional
Spam blocked 80-85% 96-98%
Supported number of accounts 500 No Limit
Personalized filters
Whitelist & Blacklist
Quarantine report --
Automatic Spam Box --
Box Trapper verification process --
Filters 100% of known viruses
Almost no false positives
Spamassassin technology --
Barracuda Networks --
Per domain pricing & management
Prices Basic Complete
    $99 $249