How does Shape CDs / DVDs work?
These shape cd's will play in any existing CD-ROM drives on almost any PC or laptop computer. All CD-ROM drives are mini-disc compatible. All Thobson shaped cds are manufactured to fit in this existing 80mm CD ROM drive. Our shape CDís are user friendly and auto run.
How long does it take?
We take maximum 10 working days, after the receipt of proper materials. Art design, alternative packaging and multi-media design times differ. If urgency, Thobson will try its level best to meet any time demand. We have been into this business, since more than a decade, so we are used to meeting tight deadlines.
How much will it cost to develop my multi-media presentation?
It basically depends on what kind of shape CD you choose and the multimedia presentation. Due to the unlimited possibilities of a shaped CD, each multi-media presentation is custom designed. We will be designing the presentation keeping in mind your budget. Our designers will work with you to meet your budget while producing the most appealing, informative and dynamic multi-media presentation possible. Price ranges from USD 1000/- to USD 10,000/- depending on the design & animation complexities.
I've already developed my presentation. How do I supply the content?
All you have to do is to provide a copy of your presentation on a regular CD. Do not forget to check whether the presentation copied on the CD is functioning as you planned. We will literally make an exact copy of the CDR master you provide.
How much content can a shaped CD hold?
A traditional CD ROM holds 40mb of information. Other Shaped CDs can hold up to 100+mbs of information.
What about the printing on the actual disc?
Thobson includes high-quality professional silk-screen printing. We deliver maximum 3 colours at our standard price. Additional colors up to 5 colors for a full color image are available at a minimal additional charge. We can also design your CD label artwork for you. But if you have your design ready, you just need to provide us a copy of your design. Make sure you follow the proper artwork specifications when supplying your own design.
Are there creative ways to package the discs?
We deliver Shape CDís either in bulk quantity or in a protective clear vinyl case. We also provide cardboard self-mailers and other alternative packaging options to enhance the impact of the project.