Network Architecture

Thobson stands out from the crowd by offering you to choose the network that best fit your needs. Dedicated Servers and Co-location Spaces are available both on our High Quality Network and our Unmetered Network. Shared Hosting accounts always benefit of Thobson's High Quality Network.

  • Blocks spam using proven methods
  • Budget option : Thobson unmetered network

Thobson's Network

ThobsonTM offers a high quality network, directly linked by BGP to Peer1 Networks, Sprint/GT and Teleglobe, offering excellent performance for game servers, web servers and all applications that require high throughput and no loss of packets.
In addition to being connected to a high quality network, ThobsonTM shares the savings brought on by its buying power by offering prices and bandwidth allocations defying all competition. Who other than ThobsonTM connects you to a minimum 10Mbps port and offers monthly traffic allocations going up to 2000GB?

Superior Connectivity

Our redundant evolving network is built upon homologous private connections and access points to public networks. It had been elaborated with long term goals in mind in terms of network solutions. Our network is linked to important upstream suppliers and to over 200 exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection, superior diverse routing and the bottom line: increased Internet efficiency. Your site's availability is guaranteed to be 99.9% without any loss of packets or single point of failure.

  • BGP network via Cisco 6500 switches
  • First level of BGP redundancy between Peer1, Sprint/GT and Teleglobe
  • Access to over 200 suppliers upstream via Peer1
  • Distribution assured by Cisco 6500 switches
  • Aerial and underground fiber optic cables supply the building

Budget Option : Unmetered Network

Thobson offers dedicated server clients and co-location clients the possibility to choose an unmetered 10Mbps or 100Mbps port on a part of its network called the Unmetered Budget Network. Offers identified by that name are connected on a part of our network where we add CogentTM as the priority transit provider. The uptime guarantee of the Unmetered Budget Network is of 99.5% instead of 99.9%.