What are the resolutions of the logos you provide?
Resolutions are represented by Dots-Per-Inch. The logo templates will be provided in the basic formats of 72 dpi, 150 dpi & 300 dpi (suitable for print).
How many revisions will you provide?
The number of revisions for the selected logo template depends on the iterations you require. You can start with the basic 2 revisions provided when filling in the form on selection of the template. The charge is $10 per iteration. See Our Packages for full details.
What are the standard final deliverables formats in logo template? Will that include the original PSD/AI?

When you purchase the logo services you can choose from the basic listed formats:

b. JPG
c. GIF ( sizes in 180x120, GIF 360x240, GIF 120x80, GIF 270x180)
d. BMP
e. PDF
f. WMB
g. EPS*

If you require other formats then the above, they will be considered as extra formats (Extra charge will be added for each).

* EPS will depend on the original source file being a raster image or in vector format
What is the difference between a PSD and AI?
PSD is a bitmap-based file format that is generally a layered file, proprietary to Adobe Photoshop. PSDs are useful in that they enable the designer to change colors to an image and add or remove image layers.

AI is a proprietary file format developed by Adobe Systems for representing single-page vector-based drawings which can be either exported in EPS or PDF formats. The .ai filename extension is used by Adobe Illustrator.
Will I get my logo in a vector format?
Yes, you can get your logo in Vector format.
What is the main difference between vector and bitmap products?
Vector files are files you can resize, scale, and even change colors or fonts of, without losing any quality or resolution. Professional designers or print shops mostly use vector files.

Bitmap files are more static and more popular, and usually the best to use on the Web. You may find them mostly in text applications such as Microsoft Word. They are small, but hard to modify because of their poor resolution. A bitmapped image is built from individual cells called pixels, which are set to a grid like a mosaic. Most digital photographs and screen captures are bitmap images. A bitmapped image cannot be resized without loss of quality. Resizing GIF, TIF, BMP, PCX bitmapped formats will result in image degradation.
Do you archive my logo design after the delivery has been made? Can I get a copy of that design in case I lose it?
Yes, we archive the logo design after the final delivery of the files.
Do you offer Custom Packages?
Yes, if your requirement does not fit any of the above packages then please call us on 0800-START / 0800-78.2.78 to discuss any of the requirements below:

  • Logo Re-design
  • Logo Repair
  • Logo Update
  • Mascot based logo
  • Banner Designs
  • Poster Design
  • Corporate Calenders
  • Annual Report
  • Copoate Newsletters
  • Any other graphic design work...
What file I would get?
Once the design project is complete, we will provide you with the following files. These logo design files fall into two categories: Vector files for your printer and Web files for your use.

a. Adobe AI Illustrator / PSD Photoshop
b. EPS
c. PDF
d. PSD (300 dpi)
e. JPEG (300 dpi)
f. TIFF CMYK ( 300 dpi)
g. TIFF RGB (300 dpi)
h. GIF (Transparent)
i. PNG (Transparent)
What is Refund Policy?
We strive to provide a high quality service at very affordable rates. If you do not like the initial concepts and tell us why, we will refund your amount minus a service charge of $75 and we will retain copyrights to all designs we present to you. We keep $75 as a service fee towards the time and effort we put into the project. For our logo packages, we guarantee to work with you on tweaking the selected design concept till you are 100% happy with the final design.
What is Turnaround?
Initial Ideas - 3-5 Business Days
Revision Round - 1-2 Business Day

We are a creative service and as such turnaround times mentioned below are only guidelines. A project or particular task may take longer or shorter than stated below depending on various factors such as the complexity of the task, the workload or health or availability of the designer or unforeseen circumstances such as acts of nature/weather, network crashes etc. Having said that, we try very hard to run and manage a smooth operation at Thobson Design Studio with an efficient scheduling system and always try and get back as soon as we possibly can.

General Turnaround times:

Logo and Stationery Design
Initial Logo Design Concepts: 3-5 business days from the day the order is placed.
Each Revision Round: 1-2 business days after changes are requested.
Stationery Design Concept: 2-3 business days after logo is completed.
Stationery Revision Round: 1-2 business days after changes are requested.

Website Design
Website Initial Draft: 3-4 business days after the web questionnaire is submitted.
Website Revision Round: 1-2 business days after changes are requested.

General Tasks
Final Files Preparation: 1-2 business days after design is finalized.