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Once you have selected the Plan for the Online Catalog Creation, you can then send us your data in PDF format or JPEG format. But it is always a good idea to share it with our Sales Experts who will guide you as to which plan suits you best and what are the cost-effective options to save time and money.

Upload Raw Data

Once you have selected the Plan & Package, you can upload your document and provide details of the project.

You can provide the Data to be converted in Flipping Catalogs in any form. It may be PDF files to Digital Magazines, Newspapers, Advertisements, Catalogues, Brochures, Instructional Manuals, Newsletters, Annual Reports, or a Paper form where the high-definition drum scanning can also be done to capture the image.

Conversion and Coding

Based on the number of pages and the scope of the work, you will be informed in advance the total number of man-hours or days that are required to get the job finished.

Our Designers and Developer will start coding and converting it into the Flash Catalog and that we will show you the online demonstration on our Demo Server once it is ready.

Use Online

Once it is ready and approved and checked and tested, you may ask us to put it live on your site, integrate it with your existing site or host it on our own Data Center and or we may provide you a CD or a ZIP format for the whole project.


Number of Pages 10
Delivery Method Hosted

One Time Cost



Number of Pages 20
Delivery Method Downloadable

One Time Cost


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