The principal features of Bandwidth Splitter are:

  • Limiting of the Internet connection bandwidth used by individual users and hosts, as well as groups of users and hosts (traffic shaping, throttling)
  • Setting up quotas for the maximum allowable Internet traffic use (in megabytes) for a set period of time (a day, a week or a month) for individual users and hosts, as well as groups of users and hosts
  • Real-time monitoring of all users and their connections through Forefront TMG/ISA Server by the administrator, including the bandwidths used by individual users and connections
  • Generating bandwidth usage reports detailed by user, client IP, shaping or quota rule, and with the graphs showing the dynamics of bandwidth usage

With Bandwidth Splitter you will get the following benefits:

  • Great real-time monitoring abilities let administrator to effectively control traffic usage
  • Rational distribution of the Internet channel bandwidth (you establish the rules)
  • Reducing Internet costs because of limiting non-priority traffic (peer-to-peer exchange, big downloads, etc)
  • Comfortable work for important users
  • Saving users' working time because of more guaranteed bandwidth allocation
  • Users can track their traffic quota remainder via web interface
  • Get a long-term picture of your bandwidth usage from the reports to make strategic decisions about managing your bandwidth